The Cottage

Over in our Cottage we care for children as young as 4 months in our snug Daisy Room, to children as old as 2 years in our comfortable Poppy Room, with the Buttercups Room nestled in between. The small home-like environment is perfect for our younger Snowdrops as it is a home from home, with highly trained professionals providing love and support for each milestone and hurdle. Much like the Early Years curriculum that we follow, we believe that children develop at their own rate, alongside their unique personalities, so it is these factors that we keep in mind as children move up through the rooms, not just age alone. A younger, more confident child may seek challenge and inspiration and therefore move up a room before a child that prefers comfort and stability of a familiar environment. Regardless, at each transition the staff work together to provide a seamless transition for your family.

The Old School Building

Originally St Catherine’s School Rooms, the very first school in Chippenham back in 1790, our Old School Building has been brought back to education – with some fun and laughter thrown in! Downstairs we have our Daffodil Room, our two year old children are daring to step into the wide open spaces of toddler life with the support of a dedicated team of professionals. This room gives children space to grow and develop, dipping their toes into independence and having lots of fun along the way. Upstairs we have our fantastic Sunflower Preschool Room. The big open space lends itself perfectly to the age of branching out and exploring with our professional team of educators on hand to guide their play and provide a range of experiences to broaden their understanding before they make that final step into their school career. In the Sunflower Room, we emphasise independence through giving more open ended choices, whether it is serving themselves lunch or contributing at circle time, they begin to develop the skills they need to be life-long learners, and become school-ready by the time they leave us.